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Scotland Prestige Award Winner

Updated: Jan 3

Scotland Prestige Award Winner 2023/24

I received an email today (6th October). It came into Junk Mail and I was about to clear the folder out, but one of the caught my eye, and a little voice in my head said "Wait!". So I read the email. It said that I had won Portrait Photographer of the Year 2023/24 with Scotland Prestige Awards. I was delighted to receive this news.

This is the 3rd time that I have won an award. Three years in succession. The previous twice I have won Pet Photographer of the Year.

Many thanks to all my clients, suppliers, models, friends and supporters who have all made this happen.

Many people think that taking photos is easy, but there is a lot of work goes on, especially with portraiture. There are things like learning lighting, how to process the images after they are taken and also how to pose people. I read 3 books on portraiture and how to get the best images. I also had a one to one with another photographer in order to get the best out of my light setup. Plus I purchased another 2 lights at considerable expense.

A lot of work was put into my studio practices. And it looks like it has paid off. You can see my latest portraiture photos at

Are you looking for some family portraits? Why not send me a message here and we can discuss your requirements?

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