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Celeld Rocks

This project was for a Geologist who does demonstrations in Schools. He wanted a webpage to promote his business. 


The page was developed using HTML and CSS. 

I developed the original site. It was only one page, but I gave him the foundation to develop the site further. 

You can see the site here



This has been an ongoing project for an entrepreneur since the early 2000's. It has been developed and redelveloped several times. The first design was made using HTML, then I started using Joomla. I have used Joomla 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 for this site. 

It was recently updated using Wordpress and WooCommerce for the Shopping Cart. 

You can see the site here


Timber Treats

This project was developed for a carpenter who sold timber furniture and gifts. The site was developed using Joomla 1.0. It was a bit like a product show case website. It had a few pages, such as Projects, About Me and a Contact Me Page.

The site doesn't exist any more as the carpenter stopped trading, but it is a site which I have developed and worked on. 


Inverurie Choral Society

I took this project on after their webmaster had left due to other commitments.

Their current host, when I was granted this project was with Flywheel with a Hosted Wordpress site. 

Initially, I noticed that there was a lot of information on the front page. Which meant there were large areas of white space and all the information meant that it was hard to find the relevant information. 

After a discussion and once the committee had a few meetings, it was decided to create a new site on Wix. Why Wix? It would be cheaper than Flywheel  and a little easier to maintain.

It was also decided to spread all the info on their existing home page and split it into different pages. Other additions were to have a "Meet the Singers" page with Bios and photos of all their members, plus add a blog.

The new website is located here.

It was decided to go for a new domain - Previous domains were no longer viable as previous people dealing with them had left and were no longer contactable. 

The project is still ongoing, involving keeping the calendar updated and adding to the blog. 


Kemnay Village Hall

This project was taken on to replace the old website which was needing a refresh. The idea was that the website would be able to cater for online bookings, give an idea of what is happening in the Hall itself, with regards to events and also display the Community Newsletter. Both are up and running. You can see the website here.

The website was developed using Wordress, with plugins for the booking sytem, plus others to speed up the website, optimise the images and create the enquiry form.


Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra

This project I was given as I had experience of using Wix. The original site was developed by one person, someone else took it on when he left the group. I took it on when the second person had no time to put towards it. 

There were a few problems with the site initially. The members pages didn't seem to work. This was intended to allow the members of the group to download and view the sheet music for all the parts of the pieces which were being played at rehearsals and performances. I managed to make this part of the site work. 

The Members' Area was setup using File Sharing. It was necessary to set up folder permissions to allow only certain members to access certain folders and others, like the Musical Director and Committee to access other folders for admin and such like. 

There was also the Members list on this page to keep up to date. This part had photographs and Bios of the players. 

Other work I do on this site is to keep the blog updated with regular updates, for example if there has been a rehearsal or a performance. 


You can see the site here.  


Donside Property Services

This project was created for a local electrician who wanted a new website to promote his new business. 

The site was hosted by e-Hosts and it was created using their inbuilt software. The website was developed as the business started to take shape. 


Sadly, the electrician, after a few years, decided to take a new role as an employee, so the site was wound down and closed. 


Anna Chapman

I was granted this project by a Humanist Celebrant who wanted an updated site. So I obliged. She was really happy with the result. 


The website can be seen at


Web Design Projects

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