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Website Development Projects

I thought that I would do an update on what I have been doing with regard to websites. I have had a few new projects.

Anna Chapman - Celebrant

This is a fairly basic website, just a few pages with images and a contact page.

It was created using Wordpress.

Anna Chapman Website

The website is working well.

Kemnay Village Hall

I was awarded this project as the existing in website was looking a little tired, so I created a new one using Wordpress.

Kemnay Village Hall Website

I was originally asked if I could create an online booking system. I did do this, but when the new website was made live, the booking system was causing more problems than it was worth, things like the booing emails were being missed, or it wasn't possible to pick the times that were required. It was a nice idea, but just couldn't be implemented into a fully working format, so it was shelved.

I was also asked if the monthly newsletter could be put up on the website. This I did and it is working really well.

I have received a number of positive comments on this website. It has become an asset to the community.

It is an ongoing project and the website will be updated as and when required.


A new version of this website has been created. It was rebuilt from scratch using Wordpress.

Nav-e-gate4less Wordpress Website

It still has the same functionality of the older versions of this website, which were created using various versions of Joomla, including the shopping cart, international shipping and a blog.

So that is an update on my latest web design projects. Are you looking for a new website? Why not send me a message here and we can discuss your requirements?

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