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Flooding in Aberdeenshire

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The beginning of 2016 saw a rapid change in the weather. It rained and rained non stop for 10 days in most parts of the UK. The result was that river levels rose to levels not previously seen. I managed to record some images of the floods during this period and turned the bad weather into a documentary project.

One of the the first photographs I took, which is below, was taken on the Don Bridge in Kemnay. It was used by Original 106, which is a local radio station, in Aberdeen

River Don Flooded, Kemnay
River Don in Full Flood, Kemnay

Another one of my photos was used by Northsound 1. It was taken at the Shakin' Briggie, which is between Inverurie and Kemnay.

You can see the story here

Flooding at the Shaking Brig

Other photographs I took, mostly in Inverurie, Kemnay and Kintore

Flooding Inverurie
Flooding at the Port Elphinstone Bridge, Inverurie

Flooding Inverurie
Flooding at Port Elphinstone, Inverurie

Flooding Inverurie
Flooding at the Keithall Bridge, Inverurie

Flooding Kintore
Flooding at the Road Bridge, Kintore

Kemnay Flooding
Flooding at Kemnay

It took several days for the floods to recede, but when they did, it became apparent just how much destruction there was. Some of it I managed to capture.

Flooding Afermath, Kemnay
Aftermath of the Flooding

The next images were taken at the Shakin' Briggie

Flooding Damage Shakin' Brig
Tarmac Damage, Shakin' Brig

Flooding damage, Shakin' Brig
Tarmac Damage Shakin' Brig

At the same point where I took photographs of the river in spate at the Shakin' Briggie, I took some other images after the water levels were down a little bit.

Aftermath Shakin Brig

Other parts of the River Don, you can see how much debris has been washed down the river and just how high the water levels were

River Don Flood Debris
Flood Debris

River Don Flood Debris
Flood Debris, Kemnay

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