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Preparation - Pet Portraits

Updated: Jan 3

A few people ask me several questions when coming for a Pet Photoshoot. They are mostly

Dog and girl hugging
  • What should I bring with me?

  • Is there anything that I should do before coming?

What should you bring? Take any of their favorite toys, a favourite blanket and treats would be the minimum. Treats are good for keeping their attention, for a reward for sitting still for a minute or two.

I have used other techniques to keep a photoshoot fun for the pet. On one such occasion, we found that if we threw their ball up the length of the studio, they would come back and sit still for about a minute.

No two pets are the same, so sometimes, if not every time, it requires thinking on my feet for the best way to get a minute or so of them sitting still.

For smaller dogs, I sometimes ask for them to be put on a stool, that way, there will be more warning if they are going to move, ie they will have to jump down before they run off.

What should you do before the photoshoot? Getting them groomed, or giving them a good brush before hand will help. It makes sure that they are looking their best. Also, make sure that they have been to the toilet before coming in the studio. They will need to feel most comfortable. As for your own safety, please ensure that you do a lateral flow test before coming to the photoshoot, just to make sure that you are not likely to be positive of Covid. I will also do a lateral flow test before any studio work.

You can see some of my most recent pet portraits at

Like what you see? Why not send me a message to and we can discuss your requirements?

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