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Why are Photographers so Expensive?

Updated: May 30, 2022

A few people have asked me how I justify my prices? I'm just paying for someone to take photographs, right? No, definitely not. I might take photographs, but I'm not doing it on a camera phone. I have been professional for a number of years now and in the process, have spent a lot of money on equipment, but not just that, invested a lot of time perfecting how to use it.

I also attend regular training courses in order to up my game and improve my techniques.

Other things that I need to consider, are that I pay to be a member of Photographic Societies - currently SINWP and SWPP (Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers and Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) - and insurance for Public Liability.

But other things to consider, in particular studio photoshoots, there is time associated with taking the booking, confirming dates in studio with the owner, setting up the studio, processing the images, plus packing stuff away in the studio after the photoshoot is finished. So it isn't just the time I spend with a client in the studio. For every one hour studio photoshoot, there will be around 2-3 hours associated with the job, which aren't spent taking images.

Still think that your only paying for someone to take photos?

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