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Dog Photography - The story

I have wanted to take photos of dogs for a long time, but often wondered how to do it professionally. How do you start?

The full story started when I noticed that my neighbours had a dog. It wasn't just any dog, he was a gorgeous labrador and a chestnut brown colour. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to take some photos of him. He was still a very young puppy, so was very shy and unsure of me to begin with. But after a few months, I could see that he was gaining a little confidence each time, so I said "Hello" to him each time I saw him. Eventually, I managed to take some photos of him.

I was really pleased with the photos. With a little editing, I could create a mini portfolio, which is exactly what I did.

I thought he would look good in black and white. It was just to compare how the photos would look in both colour and monochrome.

So with this mini-portfolio, I then posted on a facebook group volunteering my services for free. I received approx 15 responses. It took a few months to arrange photoshoots with all of the respondents.

I find dog photography very rewarding. I spend a little time with the owners and the dog and have to move around quickly in order to get the photos. I have also received a number of really good reviews.


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