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Ice Crystals - Shape Formations

Updated: Jan 3

These are just some photos I took after the floods in Aberdeenshire in early 2016. There was a very hard frost which followed. With the volume of water around after Storm Frank some of the puddles formed very interesting ice crystals.

butterfly ice crystal
Ice crystal which looks like a butterfly

These images I captured at the side of a road between Oldmeldrum and Methlick. It was caused by a large puddle in the road and cars throwing up the water. The hedgerow became really wet and subsequently froze.

Hedgerow ice crytals
Roadside ice crystals on a hedgerow

Hedgerow ice crystals
Hedgerow ice crystals

A lot of the time, when I have my camera with me, something catches my eye. I have to listen to my gut feeling if it is worth taking a photograph. If I don't take the image, I might not see it again. I will consider things like - if I can sell the image or what benefit I will have to taking the picture. Is it a case of just documenting the image? Or could it be a portfolio photograph?

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