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I have used Shootproof - - for many years. I can find very few faults with it. I still use the free version, which can be a little limiting at times, as it only allows 100 images to be uploaded, but I have 2 accounts set up, so when I have a lot of images to send to clients, I can double up with these accounts.

What are the benefits? Essentially, it is a photo sharing platform which allows you to control how many images a client can download for free, you can set the price for any further downloads, be it social or full sized images, or both. Plus clients can order professionally done prints, and you can set the price they pay. So it is a win for the client, and also a win for the photographer too.

Some clients have issues with not being able to find their downloads, but apart from that, it works really well.

Not just that, but you can change the amount of downloads and type of downloads, e.g. social of full sized files, in a few clicks. A lot easier than having to upload 2 versions of the same photo.

You can see my shootproof page at

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