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Website Development

Updated: Jan 3

I have been creating websites for 15-20 years. Initially I started using HTML, but soon progressed to using Content Management Systems, such as Joomla.

Some of the websites I have created are

The first one, Nav-e-gate4less, was initially set up using HTML, but it was changed to Joomla. It has survived and been re-written in Joomla 1.0, 2, 2.5, and in its latest form, 3.

The second one. Celeld Rocks, was written in HTML and CSS.

And this website - was created using Wix.

I have recently taken on the role of webmaster for the Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra -

Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra Website

They have been most impressed with my talents. I have helped set up the Members' Area, as well as the Associates page and tidied up the Players' page too.

Are you in need of a website? Do you have a new business which could do with a website? Or do you have one that you are struggling to keep up to date yourself? Why not click here to drop me a line?

Update -


This website has been completely redeveloped and put into a new platform - Wordpress.

The new site looks like this

Nav-e-gate4less Website

The website still retains the full functionality of the previous versions of the website, which were created using various versions of Joomla.

New Website projects

Kemnay Village Hall

This was a project which was created from scratch using Wordpress.

Kemnay Village Hall Website

The Committee of the Village Hall wanted an update to their website and asked myself to do this for them. They originally wanted an online booking system, however, when this was tried, it caused more problems than it solved, so this functionality was shelved. It might be tried again in the future, but for now, it has been removed.

Other functionality which has been added is an updatable calendar, which shows people what is happening in the hall. This was set up using Elfsight, which I have also used for the Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra Website. It works really well, and it is free as long as there are no more than 200 people looking at the page every month.

Anna Chapman - Celebrant

This was a website project for a local Humanist Celebrant. It is a fairly basic website - just a few pages with images and what ceremonies that she can conduct.

Anna Chapman Website
Anna Chapman Website

The website was created using Wordpress. It was built from scratch.

The website is working well.

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